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Coronavirus Information

Key Provisions

Our absolute priority is keeping our participants and staff safe at all times. In addition to the government guidelines, we are implementing the following measures and restrictions to defend against Covid-19:

  • All staff and participants must confirm by declaration that they have self-assessed for any Covid-19 symptoms before entering the area of play (see below for government guidelines on pre-event symptom check).
  • All participants and/or guardians of participants must provide contact information in accordance with Track and Trace
  • Staff will wear appropriate PPE, including a mask, if they are required to come within 2 metres of participants or guests.
  • Hand sanitiser will be made available to staff and participants at all times, it is to be used before and after entering the field of play.
  • Standard 60min and 90min events will be limited to 10-12 players depending on the pitch size. This ensures that no Zorbs are shared between participants during a single Zorball session. We may be able to accommodate larger events with additional provisions, please contact us to discuss your needs.
  • Equipment shall be disinfected between each session.
  • Participants will be given a number corresponding to a Zorb to ensure that participants only use one Zorb per session.
  • In addition to our standard risk assessment, a Covid-19 Risk Assessment has been implemented.


For the latest government guidelines, please visit:



Event Delivery Plan

Zorball staff will be implementing the measures outlined above for all events. In addition to the standard safety briefing, participants will be made aware of the following processes:

Before the event and briefing

  1. Zorball staff will adhere to social distancing and wear PPE whilst unloading and setting up equipment minimise droplet transmission to equipment and other people.
  2. Zorbs will be spread out across the pitch with 1x Zorb assigned each starting position to ensure that when participants enter the equipment, they will be socially distant.
  3. Before entering or leaving the area of play, all staff and guests must santise their hands using the hand sanitiser which will be made available at the point of entry.
  4. Participants should enter the playing area in a single file line, keeping 2 metres apart. The event host will guide them to a briefing area.
  5. During the participant briefing, all participants must keep at least 1 metre apart from one another.
  6. In order to communicate clearly, the event host will not wear a mask during the briefing but he/she will stand at least 3 metres away from participants.
  7. The event host will explain the rules and safety guidelines of Zorball, along with all appropriate Covid-19 restrictions and measures.
  8. The event host will assign each participant to a Zorb number. Participants should only use the Zorb that has been assigned to them and place it back in its relevant starting position in-between games.
  9. The event host will also instruct half of the participants to collect a clean team vest before the game and to wear this vest at all times. Each clean vest will be placed next to a Zorb in its starting position.
  10. If any guest or participant is failing to adhere to any government or Zorball guidelines, the Zorball event host reserves the right to stop or cancel the event at any time.

During games

  1. Staff will maintain at 1 metre distance from all participants as much as possible.
  2. If a participant requires help using the equipment, the event host will make every effort to administer advice from a 1-2 metre distance. If this is not possible, the event host will move closer to the participant – while wearing PPE – and help as required. This help may include touching the equipment and/or participant to show them how to use the equipment. Physical touch will be avoided as much as possible and, if it is necessary, all parties will be asked to sanitise their hands as soon as possible.
  3. Participants should ensure they are socially distanced from other players before exiting zorbs.
  4. When outside of a Zorb, participants should ensure they are at least 1 metre away from other participants and make their way to the exit point of the playing area as safely and quickly as possible.
  5. Participants and staff should sanitise their hands at the exit point regularly and every time they enter or exit the area of play.
  6. If participants collide and their legs or other exposed body parts are closer than 1 metre in proximity to others, participants should make every effort to move away from one another. If participants struggle to do so, the event host/s shall intervene – whilst wearing PPE –in order to move the participants away from one another.
  7. If a participant is injured and requires help from the event host, the event host should administer aid – whilst wearing PPE – and ensure that all parties thoroughly sanitise their hands as soon as possible after the incident is resolved, as per government guidelines regarding injury treatment.
  8. Participants should not celebrate or congregate after winning games.

After the event

  1. At the end of the final game, participants will be asked to return their Zorbs and vests (if applicable) to their original starting position.
  2. Participants should then leave the playing area – whilst maintaining social distancing – sanitise their hands on the way out and exit the facility as soon as possible.
  3. When all participants have exited the playing area, the entrance to the playing area will be closed if possible. Contact with the equipment from this point should be limited to Zorball staff only.
  4. Zorball staff should wear PPE when collecting equipment and packing away.
  5. If time and space allows, the event host will immediately disinfect equipment on-site. If time and/or space does not allow, the equipment will be taken off-site to disinfect.
  6. After equipment has been loaded into the event host’s vehicle, they should sanitise their hands thoroughly after removing PPE.

Additional details are outlined in our Covid-19 Risk Assessment.